Should I upgrade to Windows 11?

We imagine by now that almost everyone has started seeing notifications and pop-up messages from Microsoft concerning upgrading to the newest version to Windows 11. So the question becomes is this something that I need to do at this time? The short answer is “No, you do not have to rush to upgrade to the newest version.”

The Windows 11 upgrade at this time is voluntary. There are many factors that we at Ridgeline Computer Solutions, LLC look at before recommending that a client upgrade their operating system.

First of all is the computer able to meet the requirements of the new “operating system”? Your system will perform a Windows 11 check to determine if your current computer meets the requirements and will let you know if it is able to move to the latest version. If your computer doesn’t pass, it may be be as simple as upgrading certain parts of the computer, or it might be time to upgrade to a new machine altogether. These are things that we can help you with.

Second – Are my software programs supported? Unfortunately, all programs that the user may need or use might not be compatible with the Windows 11. This can be an issue if the development team has not been tested or made changes to the software. No one wants to come in after an update and find some things don’t work like they should.

Lastly, at this time the upgrade is new and we all have time for all involved to like I say “to work the bugs out.” With that being said if you want to stay with Windows 10 and not upgrade you have until October 14th of 2025 before support ends. Contact Ridgeline Computer Solutions for more information if you should have any questions about upgrading to Windows 11 upgrade and what is the best solution for you.